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Ryan Sanders

Ryan Sanders
Vocals, Guitar


August 31

Current Hometown:

Preferred Hometown:
Las Vegas

Favorite S.Dish song to play live:
move on.

Best S.Dish song:
two clicks to meltdown.

What do you usually do to relax after playing a show?
listen to a little yazz flute.

Favorite line from a S.Dish song:
"tell me i'm okay, i'll show you that my life is upside down"

Best moment during a show:
When I notice blood on my guitar.

It would be awful if your _______ broke during a show:

Favorite bands:
Rx Bandits, Brand New, Broke City, Butch Walker, Muse, Zebrahead, Monty Are I, Elliott Smith, VITAL Emcee, Love You Moon, Stroke 9, I Hate Kate, and about a million more.

Most memorable S.Dish show:
with reel big fish & zebrahead at club ice.

Best concert you've been to:
Rx Bandits at The Roxy - October 2006

What do you do in the van on the way to a show?
Drive my car. but not in the van.

i don't even know you guys....crazy people living under a rock, don't know earplugs.

During a show, you want everyone to notice your _______:
Farmer's tan

Favorite venue to play:
The Electric Theater in st. george.

Other instruments you play:
the motorboat

You wish more people would throw _______ on to the stage:

Required on-stage beverage:

You are definitely the most _______ one in the band:

You don't appreciate it when people touch your _______:

You know it's going to be a good day when you _______:
wake up.

Best place for a date:
in a van down by the river

Number of siblings:

Top 5 cities you want to visit:
I want to visit Quahog. I don't care if it's fictional.

Favorite movie:
Wedding Crashers & School of Rock

When you aren't with the band, what are you doing?
Writing....sleeping....being tired....watching a rock show

Favorite TV show:
South Park, Scrubs, Arrested Development, Family Guy, Titus, The Office

You're alone in an elevator with a hot girl-- what's the first thing you do?
locate the emergency stop button.....just in case.

Favorite pick-up line:
i LOVE wings!!!!

Shot in the Arm

Music Player
"Dear MacGuyver, Enclosed is a rubber band, a paper clip, and a drinking straw. Please save my dog. "