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Erik Vorkink

Erik Vorkink


March 13

Current Hometown:
Orem, UT

Preferred Hometown:
Happiness is inside

Favorite bands:
Zebrahead, Broke City, James Brown (it's got to be funky), The Offspring, Reel Big Fish

Most memorable S.Dish show:
Any show with Zebrahead or RBF

Favorite S.Dish song to play live:
Move On

The kind that you roll one end of. I switch to a new pair pretty often because I'm like that

What do you do in the van on the way to a show?
Drive and get stressed, listen to whatever music DJ P-Dogg is spinning

Favorite venue to play:
Lo-Fi (SLC) (R.I.P.), Electric Theater (St George), Mesa Theater (Grand Junction), Club Ice (SLC)

Best concert you've been to:
Rx Bandits + Reel Big Fish @ In The Venue

Best S.Dish song:
Two Clicks to Meltdown

Favorite line from a S.Dish song:
"Bomb in your chest ticks a countdown / There's only two clicks left to meltdown"


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Age of Intent
"I got an idea, an idea so smart my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about."