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nov. 6, 1978

Current Hometown:

Preferred Hometown:
Salt Lake (but i love Seattle and toronto)

Favorite S.Dish song to play live:
hmmmm tough one.... its all new to me so i love them all

During a show, you want everyone to notice your _______:
beefy arms... wait

Favorite venue to play:
In the Venue

It would be awful if your _______ broke during a show:
bass drum pedal or snare drum head

Best concert you've been to:
i have a top 10 list but some of the tops are The Cure, Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Butch Walker... yeah tons...

Favorite line from a S.Dish song:
shake your maracas

Other instruments you play:
guitar kind of, piano kind of, and sing in the shower or in my car.

Most memorable S.Dish show:
the first one i played in Idaho at ISU

sometimes but not enough.

Favorite bands:
Dave Matthews Band, Muse, Howard Jones, hmmm lots more but i cant think...

You wish more people would throw _______ on to the stage:

Required on-stage beverage:
water!!! and dr. pepper if im lucky

What do you do in the van on the way to a show?
sleep, play psp, or listen to some music to get me in the element

Best S.Dish song:
cant choose one

Best moment during a show:
it depends a show ive been to or a show ive played.....

What do you usually do to relax after playing a show?
go home or if we are on tour i am the first one to drive.

Favorite movie:
dont have one but i love war movies and vampire movies.

Favorite TV show:

You are definitely the most _______ one in the band:
someone else should answer this

Best place for a date:
havent been on a date in forever. where ever she wants to take me lol

When you aren't with the band, what are you doing?
working, playing fifa (soccer) or sleeping

Favorite pick-up line:
i dont have one.

Top 5 cities you want to visit:
Tokyo, Rome, Paris, London, and New York

You know it's going to be a good day when you _______:
i have no idea.....

You're alone in an elevator with a hot girl-- what's the first thing you do?
well being shy i would probably say hi... or do you know who i am? kidding

Number of siblings:

You don't appreciate it when people touch your _______:

Age of Intent

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