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March 26, 2005 @ The Electric Theater (St. George) w/ Broke
The Electric Theater
68 E. Tabernacle / St. George UT
7:30pm - $6
w/ Broke, Abby Normal, Slender Means
What did we think?
This was our first time at the Electric Theater, but it was such a blast. After this show it was immediately our favorite venue to play in Utah. It was awesome playing with our homies in Broke and Abby Normal on our little "weekend tour" through Southern Utah. Okay so it was only 2 shows, but that can be called a tour! Anyway, the crowd seemed to like the show a lot and it was a blast hanging out with everyone.
After everything died down and most of the people had left, the rest of us hung around in the back and said our farewells to Broke and watched them drive away to join the Taste of Chaos tour for the following week. That's a whole different story, though.
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