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April 7, 2005 @ Muse Music w/ Army of Freshmen
Muse Music
151 N. University Ave. / Provo UT
7:30pm - $5
w/ Army Of Freshmen, Ayrton, and Fail To Follow
What did we think?
I gotta say, I'm a new Army of Freshmen fan for life. Those guys blew me AWAY with their live show. How they can set up in a tiny cement block like Muse Music and still put on an amazing show to 80+ kids is a mystery to me. It was cool to meet them, though, and Chris Jay (AOF's singer) has been a good friend of Side Dish ever since. In fact, we're playing in St. George and Provo with them again in June--you should come. :-)
Anyway, we had a great turnout for this show and AOF was really happy with it from what I saw. Despite some technical difficulties, we still managed to bring the rock as well. Can't wait to see the AOF guys play again!

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