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July 9, 2005 @ Starry Night w/ Broke
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Special thanks to everyone who helps us out by taking photos!

Starry Night
198 W. Center St. / Provo UT
7:30pm - $5
w/ Broke, Mon Cheri
What did we think?
Once again we got to rock it with our good friends in Broke. We've always loved these guys and always will. This show was huge -- I don't ever remember seeing a crowd this big at Starry Night before! We went on first and played to a relatively packed place, with people dancing and lovin it (or so we think!) Mon Cheri played a rockin' set after us, and then Broke came on and blew everyone away yet again. The place was absolutely packed for their set, and despite some technical difficulties, they still brought the rock.
It was definitely a fun night. Ryan even got to sign an autograph on a girl's shoe, which was a new experience for him. And I think Palmer even talked to a girl, which may have been a first! (just kidding!)

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