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November 18, 2005 @ Ramada Inn w/ I Hate Kate
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Special thanks to everyone who helps us out by taking photos!

The Ramada Inn
1440 E St George Blvd / St. George UT
7:00pm - $8
w/ I Hate Kate
What did we think?
First, special thanks to the talented Matt Montgomery for taking the great photos!

This show was a ton of fun. First of all, we got to meet one of our long-time heroes Justin Mauriello, the ex-lead singer of Zebrahead. I Hate Kate's music is really great and they put on an awesome show. Justin is probably one of the nicest guys we've ever met. We talked to them for a while after the show and they were all really happy about it, even though it wasn't the biggest show they've played. The crowd turnout could have been bigger, but it all still worked out for the better. We plan on playing with these guys again. Special thanks to Crystal and Raeschel from Neverland for doing such an excellent job with the show too! And thanks to Soular for putting on a great show as well, those guys were rad. Oh yeah, we took this picture:

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