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December 30, 2005 @ Sugar Beats (acoustic show)
Sugar Beats
-acoustic show-
21st South & Highland Drive / Sugarhouse UT
8:00pm - $4
w/ The Management, The Makeshift Project
What did we think?
I readily admit that I doesn't love acoustic shows. As a band, we focus heavily on playing energetic music that makes you (and us) want to move around... and that's kind of hard to do when you're sitting down on stools. We still had a fun time. A lot more people showed up than we expected, so we were glad we, you know, practiced ahead of time.

To us, our new songs sound noticeably better acoustic than our old ones. I think when you write better songs in the first place, they are easier to transition to acoustic versions, even if you still lose the jump-around vibe. We'll still play acoustic shows when they come up, but we were all itching to play a "normal" show after tonight. ~Erik

P.S. The Management sounds incredible acoustic. 5 horns, lined up jazz-band-style... it makes a big sound. Their whole band is very talented and they translate better to acoustic than most bands. I almost like them better acoustic...

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