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April 7, 2006 @ Operation Smile Benefit
Operation Smile Benefit
Million Air Hangar
303 N. 2370 W. / Salt Lake City UT
We're playing this show with no horns!
What did we think?
Do you know what a loud band sounds like in an airplane hangar? Mush. Even so, we had a blast playing at an event for Operation Smile. After a scrumptious dinner, some nice performers, speeches, and presentations, we took the stage and started rocking the 1000 kids in attendence.

Towards the end of the first song, disaster stuck. Jeph was doing a spin move (as Jephs tend to do), when his knee went stretch-twist-crunch and he hit the ground, screaming in pain. You see, Jeph tore his ACL (and MCL, and...) last Thanksgiving, had reconstructive surgery in January-- any new injury was very bad news.

Despite the pain, Jeph finished the song, and then went on to play our full set, moving around on his good leg.

It turns out that Jeph tore his ACL again, which really, really sucks.

Palmer was off in la-la land (with UVSC's orchestra) so we played the show horn-less, with Erik on guitar.

If the crowd hadn't been so amazing, this probably would have been the worst show in history-- thank goodness for the crowd!

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Shot in the Arm
"Hey Bartender! Whose leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here?"