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April 29, 2005 @ Mesa Theater (Grand Junction CO) w/ Zebrahead
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Special thanks to everyone who helps us out by taking photos!

Mesa Theater
538 Main St. / Grand Junction CO
8:00pm - $10
w/ Zebrahead, Now That We're Famous
What did we think?
An amazing show all-around! The crowd was twice as big as the two nights before (600+ people) and they went crazy for us. We ended up selling out of all our CDs and some t-shirts too. The Mesa Theater is an awesome venue with great sound and a huge stage that made Jeph almost cry when he saw it.
Zebrahead put on yet another amazing set and the crowd went off the hook for them. Kevin spent the pre-show getting trashed in Halo 2 by Ed, Greg, and Matty of Zebrahead. Next time he'll be more prepared I'm sure. After the show we took off on a caravan following Zebrahead's van/trailer all the way to beautiful Eagle, CO to spend the night in a hotel. (SO COLD!)
Oh, we also took this photo: (thanks Kelli and Bri!)

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Age of Intent
"Chris, everything I say is a lie. Except that. And that. And that. And that. And that. And that. And that. And that. "