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November 3, 2005 @ Starry Night w/ Darci Cash
Starry Night
198 W. Center St. / Provo UT
7:30pm - $5
w/ Darci Cash, Day Of Lions, Her Ruin
What did we think?
We had to play this show hornless, for about the third time in our existence. Our tromboner P-Dog was off trying to meet girls... I mean.. er... he had a prior commitment. This show was still fun, though, because we love Darci Cash and we always have a great time with them. There was a great crowd that showed up and everyone had a blast. By the way, happy birthday Ashley Powell! I think someone in the band might have a crush on her... hmm. Day Of Lions was great, too--she was a solo act that got up and played her guitar and sang in front of everyone. Very good stuff. We'll see The Cash again soon!

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