Side Dish

Megan Leavitt
Life writer
Nov 15 2006

The Utah County music scene is growing everyday, especially since The Used made their big break a few years back. Every weekend, at any given place in Provo there is a concert for local bands. Most of the time this is a pleasant experience, especially if you are a music lover, but every so often you come across a band that makes you remember what the term "local band" means. It means inexperienced, immature, and many suffer from rock star envy. Not to say that those are bad things, because let's be honest, who doesn't have a little rock star envy? The problem is, when you combine all of these elements and add bad music it makes you consider never going to another concert again. One band that has this particular problem is a band known as Side Dish.

Side Dish has been in the area for the last few years and has created quite the following, which makes one wonder what about them is so fantastic. One reason for their following might be because they have an original sound. It is a sound full of an entire brass section, which normally is cool- but if the horns make no sense and have no real place in a song then it's not cool. The beat of the song is doing one thing and the horns are doing another. It's awkward for every one involved, and just doesn't fit right.

Reason two that they have a good crowd following: they have decent lyrics. This is true and one must give credit where credit is due-their lyrics are pretty good.

Reason three of why Side Dish has fans: they are entertainers. They give an all right show and give the young kids that go to the show just enough to keep them coming. But that is just it: most of the kids who attend Side Dish shows already know who they are, mostly through word of mouth. Therefore, the people who go to the shows already love them and don't expect anything from them, which is good because they don't deliver anything fantastic, but bad because they are not making any new fans.

Side Dish is a band of young kids who are trying too hard to be something that they are not. They do have talent; they are just using it in the wrong way. They are trying to be innovative in their sound, which is cool. One has to respect their effort, but they just aren't experienced.